Tension Cylinder

Tension Cylinder

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Tension Cylinder

With our bolt tension cylinder, you can achieve torsion-free and friction-free tensioning. We provide it various designs such as slim, short  and wide, for a number of applications such as those requiring limited radical clearance. Single as well as multi stage series tension cylinders are available with us. To ensure best possible safety of our bolt tensioning cylinder, we provide safety handles, cycle counter and a fracture device. As per client's requirements, standard and large-scale cylinders can be provided. Some of its application areas are in mounting of wind turbine & its inner tower flange, on ladle turret, and tower crane connection.

Bolting Process of Cylinder

  • A hand torque wrench can be used for threading the cylinder onto bolt
  • A high pressure pump is used for applying the desired pressure
  • This results in elongation of bolt, which is free from friction and torsion
  • Upon reaching the required pressure, wrench is used to tighten the nut and hence achieve controlled torque output.