Single Facer

Single Facer

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Single Facer - Corrugation Production Line

We are successful manufacturer of single facer that is a crucial carton packaging machinery. It is called so as it makes the single face for stability of the board. Through these machines, it is possible to create every possible flute profile with all available grades of paper. Having high production capacity, the operation of our single facer machine is automatic. The pressure system of this machine is able to apply uniform and ideal pressure on the roll. This helps in doing away with the defects on boards and / or pressure marks that are common when local machines are used. The belt installed in this machine is durable and wear resistant.


Available width

1400 mm -1800 mm

Designed speed

100 m/min

Flute profile



  • Auto-circulating system is provided for glue feeding
  • Control of main unit's 'frequency conversing'
  • Lubrication of reduction gearbox and gimbal transmission
  • Lucubration grease of high temperature is used to lubricate the bearings of press rolls and corrugated rolls
  • Netting design and surface of gluing roll are embossed together. The surface is also chrome plated.
  • Parts like press roll, upper roll, and gluing roll are lowered & lifted via pneumatic control
  • Perfect flute shape is ensured via vacuum suction system
  • Special Alloy Steel which is derived from 48CrMo is used to make corrugated rolls. The steel is made using grinding process and is hardened to HRC56-60 using induction process.