Shaft Sleeve

Shaft Sleeve

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Shaft Sleeve

We offer pump shaft sleeves that are generally used in single stage pumps. These hollow metal tubes are cylindrical in shape and are placed over the shaft for protection. The sleeves protect the shafts from wear, corrosion and erosion at leakage joints. The most common purpose of shaft sleeve is to safeguard the shaft from packaging wear. They can also be installed between two pump impellers of multistage type. In this scenario, they are called inter-stage sleeves. We are manufacturing these shaft sleeves in different sizes, designs and finishing. Often known as wearable parts, the sleeves are very less costly as compared to shafts.

Key Points

  • Material of construction are SS 304, Bronze, SS 316, SS 410 etc.
  • Helps in increasing the chemical resistance of shaft made of steel
  • Helps in smooth functioning of centrifugal water pumps
  • Selection should be on the basis of surface hardness
  • Thermal expansion coefficient of sleeves and shafts are nearly equal