SF-1 Self Lubricating Bearings

SF-1 Self Lubricating Bearings

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Self Lubricating Bearings perform well even in the toughest environments. These require less maintenance and work better in unclean and high temperature environments. They feature higher load capacities and suitable for a variety of applications. The bearings are manufactured to have outstanding strength and friction coefficient, suited for a range of environments and industries. They show a right blend of graded materials, fine craftsmanship and core engineering. The self-lubricating bearings have various benefits including: high wear resistance, long life, high load capacity, corrosion resistance, lightweight, resistant to creep & mechanical stresses.  

Material Introduction:  
  • Mixture of Modified PTFE and PB; wear resistant material; thickness 0.01 to 0.03mm.
  • Layer of fired bronze powder; thickness 0.2 to 0.3mm, helping fixing with steel plate.
  • Low carbon steel 0.7 to 2.3mm, for improved carrying and heat conduction capacity of the bearing.
  • Copper / Sn electric plating layer: copper layer 0.008mm and Sn layer 0.005mm for anti-corrosive content.
  • Without or with less oil lubrication, ideal for conditions that are hard to lubricate or can not be lubricated.
  • During use, no need / less need of maintenance.
  • Small wearing coefficient, good wear resistant performance and long life.
  • Can be utilized at -195℃~+280℃. 
  • Low noise & no pollution.
  • Thin, light & smaller mechanical volume.
  • Form transfer membrane during running, and well protects the shafts.
  • Without absorption of oil & water, good heat dissipation, small heat expansion coefficient & stable dimensions.