Self Lubricating Ball Bearing

Self Lubricating Ball Bearing

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Self Lubricating Ball Bearing is a metallic component infused in a lubricant oil. It features high porosity (20% to 25% in volume) and there is continual lubrication between bearing and shaft. Here the system does not require any additional extraneous lubricant. The bearing works well under hydrodynamic conditions and offer a very low coefficient of friction. The Self-Lubricating Bearings have some benefits compared to other types of bearings, such as reliability, maintenance-free and economy. They have optimal working performance and great dimensional precision. As a result, the bearings are applicable in automotive electrical / mechanical equipment, electric motors & gearboxes, pneumatic & hydraulic machines, household appliances and other industrial.  

Features & Benefits:
  • Longer working life and higher wear resistance
  • Economical and maintenance-free bearing
  • Performance-oriented and produce very low noise    
Material Introduction:
  • Modified POM and Pb mixture 0.3 to 0.5mm with great wear resistance and lower wear coefficient. Oil groove on the bearing, performed with grease before use.
  • Fired bronze powder layer 0.2 to 0.3mm, help fixing with steel plate.
  • Good carrying and heat conduction capacities.
  • Low carbon steel 0.4 to 2.2mm, for improved carrying capacity & heat conduction.
  • Layer of copper/Sn electric plating: copper layer 0.008mm / Sn 0.005mm, for anti-corrosive capability.