Printer Inline With Folder Gluer

Printer Inline With Folder Gluer

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Printer Inline With Folder Gluer represents a perfect box making solution. With industrial knowledge and experience, we deliver the right machinery for the need of corrugated packaging manufacturers etc. This machine offers high quality graphics and ability to handle a range of boards. We ensure the quality of finished product as well as ensure high productivity rates, ease of use and flexibility. Incorporating reliable units and components, the Printer Inline With Folder Gluer has improved capabilities and reliability. Performing well in any in-line application, it offers excellent print performance and adds value to your print.   

Features & Functions:
  • Convenient and reliable with computerized PLC control.
  • High-grade steel driving rollers, plated with hard chromium and abrade outside.
  • Drive gear adopts 20CrMoTi high-grade alloy steel, goes through 60 degree of heat treatment, greater Rockwell hardness.
  • Electrically departing unit, pneumatic locking and sustained bell warning during moving ensure safety of equipment & operator.   
  • Different start & stop warning sounds.
  • Start the machine by both hand for safety purposes.
  • Emergency stop buttons in front, middle & end.
  • Different guiding lights for switching-on, moving, standby and abnormal.
  • Emergency stop buttons in all units to stop the moving of units to ensure operator safety.
  • Renowned brands electric fittings used in the machine.
  • The machine zeroes without any exception – printing & die-cutting phases zero, wipe printing plate memory & preset function, accurate adjustment & pre-adjustment, phase adjustment; all above make the machine very accurate.
Characteristics of Each Unit: 

A. Feeding Section (lead edge feeding) 
  • Main control panel incorporates touch screen, VFD controller & buttons.
  • Switching-on for main motor is controlled by double buttons, which ensures safety of both operator and machine.
  • Setting for paperboard feeding counting, and displaying production quantity.
  • Continuous or skip feeding.
  • Left, right baffles are motor-driven controlled with gauge display.
  • The gap of the front baffle is tuned manually.
  • Dust-removing brushes at the rear of the baffle for cleaning dust etc. and improving the quality of printing.
  • Four shafts front-edge feeding motor of 11.0Kw, secondary suction feeding, adjustment of the suction strength as per the warping degree of the paperboard, ensuring smooth feeding.
  • Upper feeding roller outer diameter φ149 mm, anti-wear rubber coated to avoid press down of the paperboard.
  • Lower feeding roller outer diameter Φ149mm, chrome coated with anilox.
  • Electromotive control clutch along with continuous alarming while moving, ensuring operator's safety.
  • Decreased abrasion and stable transmission with cross slide block coupling.
  • With electromagnetic abrasion clutch, driving shaft avoids faulty operation and protects motors while overload.
  • Devices for air pressure interlocking.  
  • Automatic return to zero in sections of feeding, printing & die-cutting.
B. Vacuum dust cleaning unit
  • To clean the dust on the surface of paperboard, improving quality of the printing.
C. Printing units

Forme roller:-
  • Forme roller outer diameter: Ф405.
  • Printing roller – chrome coated and fine grinding.
  • Balancing correction and stable running.
  • Forme-hanging device and single side locking – convenient, accurate & fast.
  • Whole forme with forme-hanging groove, suitable for 10mm slices of forme-hanging.
  • Foot switch for electromotive control of the rotation, easy to mount & dismantle the forme.
Print pressing roller:- 
  • Print-pressing roller outer diameter: ф130mm.
  • Fine grinding and chrome coated.
  • Stable running and balancing correction.
  • Self-locking device for gap adjustment in a range of 0-11mm.
Steel anilox rollers - anilox roller 200LPI, 220LPI & 260LPI:-
  • Anilox roller diameter Ф187.57mm.
  • Graded steel material.
  • Uniform ink applying, increase the life of the forme & rubber roller.
  • Air pressure automated lifting gear matches the feeding section.  
  • Rubber even-distributing ink roller.
  • Phases setting structure and plant type gear structure.
  • Digital display for the phases, for convenient operation, intuition & correction.
  • PLC control, and 360 degree electric-digital adjustment for the print phases.
  • Adjustment for the forme roller with VFD control, faster to return to zero and faster forme change. 
  • The machine and feeding part automatically return to zero and the accuracy is 0.5mm. The phases will set automatically, and then input the parameters after test running of one sheet, greatly avoiding the waste.
Ink circulation system:
  • Diaphragm pump is air-pressure type, easy operation & stable ink supply. 
  • Ink filtering device.
  • The pump can not provide ink before rubber roll, and gather of anilox roller.
Print phases fixing device
  • Pneumatic brake structure, when the units separate the brake device bounds the moving of gear which keep the phases unchangeable.
  • Axial adjusting structure.
  • Print roller axial electric adjustment in a range of: ±10 mm.
  • Position's digital display, offering convenience, intuition and improvement.
D. Slotting section
  • Pre-pressing wheels – After Pre-pressing, the paperboard will not break easily. 
  • Pre-pressing wheel gaps through manual adjustment.
  • Groove wheel gaps with manual adjustment, data will be showed on the dial scale.
  • Slotting knifes width: 7.0mm. Alloy steel, two-piece type edge trimming knife for high precision.
  • Manual adjustment for the slotting knife base gap, the data will be displayed on the dial scale.
  • Slotting phases adjustment with plant-type gear structure, and PLC control, 360 degree electric & digital adjustment. 
  • Synchronous axial electric adjustment for slotting upper and lower knife bases, pre-pressing upper & lower wheels, and fine pressing of upper & lower groove wheels.
  • Forward and backward double discs structure for upper & lower slotting knives discs. The forward and backward knife are affixed on different bases, making it easy to operate, align & maintain.

Printer Slotter Technical Parameters: 

Data / Model


Forme roller dia.

405 (forme thickness 7.2mm)

Forme roller length


Max. mechanical design speed


Economic running speed


Max. feeding size(mm)


Max. printing area(mm)


Min. feeding size(mm)


Paperboard thickness(mm)


Thickness of printing plate(mm)


Machine wall thickness


Overprinting accuracy

≤± 0.5mm

Slotting accuracy


Main motor powder


Remark: The total power (printer slotter & folder gluer) is about 39Kw.

Inline Folder Gluer

  • Inline with flexo printer-slotter machine
  • Gluing part: Flexible connections for glue tank with gluing wheel, and no glue leakage.
Folding unit
  • Easy to adjust folding guide bar, reduce the sheet changing time.
  • Squaring utility improves the carton boxes precision.
  • Rigid bottom folding arm ensures good performance on hard paperboard.
Flapping & Ejecting unit
  • Longer time for first flapping, enhancing adhesion precision.
  • Re-flapping structure to eliminate scissor gap & fish tails.
  • Decreased failure rate with stable ejection structure. 
The Whole Machine 
  • PLC program control, set parameter by input paperboard size.
  • Printing machine control panel to adjust the speed.
  • Correlative failure and emergency stop.
  • Smooth transportation of paperboard at the point of joint with printer slotter.
  • Down folding act for easy adjustment and change of paperboard.
  • Imported belt with high quality, durability and stability.
  • The paperboard feeding height can be tuned in accordance with the printer slotter, between 830 to 1000mm.  

Technical data:

Mechanical speed


Max paperboard size


Min paperboard size


Other sizes

W: 170-700mm

L: 170-700mm

H: 260-900mm

G: 40mm

L1: 680-2000mm

Paperboard thckness

2-8mm 3 and 5 ply of flute A, B, C, AB and AC, etc

Carton type

Straight type slotted or die cut carton

Stored order


Stacking number

5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30

Total power






Power supply

440V, 3phases50Hz

Air supply

0.7-0.9Mpanot less than 0.5 m³ / min