Hydraulic Shaftless Roll Stand

Hydraulic Shaftless Roll Stand

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Our hydraulic shaft less roll stand is perfect for various applications like aligning, lifting, lowering & coring etc. Controlled by hydraulic system it offers excellent support for paper mill rolls on both the arms. The stand is designed for safety, reliability and consistency in your work. They show rugged construction, proven design and latest hydraulic technology. Our shaft-less roll stands ensure reduced wastage, low maintenance and user friendly operation. They help in economical as well as productive handling of paper rolls. Excellent control and safety are also the central aspects of our roll stands. They are built for maximum support in the applications.  

Features & Benefits:

  • Good hydraulic control for paper mill
  • Increased use of paper & reduced wastage
  • Effective clamping, lifting, releasing & web guiding  


  • Maximum roll diameter: φ1500mm
  • Effective width: 1400mm-2500mm
  • Hydraulic control of lifting & lowering, clamping & releasing, and right-left movement.
  • Pneumatic brake control of the web tension.
  • Taper center, stretch center is optional.