Gluing Machine

Gluing Machine

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Gluing Machine

We are providing highly functional Gluing Machines, which work as the main machines and come with carton box delivery system, clifting working tables, carton pressing systems, electric systems, finished products delivery etc. These machines are integrated with paperboard supporting rollers, which have optical lines and match with the bearings making the paperboard delivery much more fast and stable. These Gluing Machines, work with fluency and have the accurate and compact wall thickness. The products have tensile strength and give consistency in all types of operations.


  • Machine-controlled counting, quantity setting for robust structures.
  • Fast shifts between various size cartons.
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistant.
  • Available in various widths and sizes.


  • Configured speed:100m-200m/min
  • Acquirable width:1400mm-2500mm
  • Equipped with detached motor drivings, frequency transmutation controls.
  • High preciseness engraved applicator rolls, which ensure consistent glue application and less glue ingestion.
  • Auto-moving glue feeding system that avoids glue depositing.
  • The preheating device fastens the glue gelling and make a powerful glue bond.
  • Spring pressure plates and press rolls are provided as the paper pressing devices.
  • Electric accommodation of the figure show of the glue quantity, non-automatic fitting of the glue supply.