generator control board

generator control board

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Generator control board

Used in numerous industries such as Telecoms, automotive, healthcare, avionics etc, our Generator Control Boards are of optimal quality and give a fantastic performance in each application. These boards have big screen graphic displays and are used for the automation, mechanization and monitoring instrumentation of single diesel generator sets. Embedded with microprocessor technology, these products have alarm protection, automatic boots and shut downs. Available at market leading prices, these products have simple wiring system and compact structures. All parameters of these Generator Control Boards can be attuned from the control panels so as to achieve the operation fluency in all kind of applications.


  • Calculate the load rate precisely and detect gen-set load operations.
  • Come with time reminders.
  • Collect and display independents over-voltage, over frequency, under voltage, low frequency etc.
  • Identities passwords, safe and reliable.


  • Brand: Smartgen
  • Model: HGM6120K