Fully Automatic Flute Laminator Machines

Fully Automatic Flute Laminator Machines

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We are dealing in laminating instruments with high automation, which are suitable for quick lamination between cardboard and corrugated papers. The Fully Automatic Flute Laminator Machines we provide have accurate laminating and time-tested performance. These products have large volumes and optimal quality production. These machines have self-loading in-line pipe reversing system and the delivery of non-stop machine-driven down stackers. Available at market leading rices, the Fully Automatic Flute Laminator Machines we offer have gluing sections, breakers, pre-loading sections which add to the operation fluency of the machines.


FMQF series incorporates fully machine-controlled high speed laminators with auto delivery and pile reversing system.

Recommended for when paper boards will be warped after lamination!

  • New generation of single sheet flute laminating equipment with high automation, which is suitable for high speed lamination between cardboard and corrugated paper.
  • Planned for nonstop production from compressing, sheet feeding, laminating, and eventually delivering to non-stop automated down stacker. The maximum production speed can range 10000sheets/h.
  • Straight laminating and dependable performance, effective for large volume and great quality production.
  • Adaptability for several paper types can fulfill different industry needs.
  • Machine-controlled in-line piping reversing instrumentation.


Top sheet feeder

  • Have automatic feeders of great speed, the maximum performance can reach up to 12000 time/hour. 
  • Pneumatic side registers can moved to laminating units precisely.
  • Outfitted with pre-loading system.
  • Side-loading is elective.

Bottom sheet feeder

  • The Vacuum suction feeder is imported and is of high quality. The belt gives stabilized feeding execution.
  • Sheet range: Individual face flute A, B, C, E,F and dual face flute.
  • Elective servo driving system with maximum feeding speed that can reach 9000 sheet/hour.

Gluing & Laminating unit

  • Integrated with chromed gluing rollers, which saves the glue consumption.
  • Automatic supplying of glues takes place in accordance with glue levels between the rollers. The overflow of glue can be avoided with the automatic warnings inserted in the machines, which also indicate the shortage of the glues. 
  • Elastic front registers can obviate bottom sheets from being exceeded. The points of the top and bottom sheets can be modified for accurate lamination.

Compression unit

  • Adaptable floating compression units with durable high quality compression belts.
  • The Compressing speed is changeable with inverters for various types of glues and papers.

Pile reversing system

  • Automatically reversion of piles and accordant delivery to down stacker without ant breaks.
  • It can reduce the problem of paper curves after lamination. Saves the labor cost for the activity of restacking.
  • Improve the production efficiency quality and efficacy in a rapid manner.

Non-stop automatic down stacker

  • Continuous paper delivery for attaining continuity in production, avoiding the shut down of paper downloads.
  • Automatic process with simple operation.


  • Merged touch screens so as to control the friendly program.
  • Ease in usages, easy controlling in the duration of operation.
  • Critical driving parts adopt NSK supporting.
  • Electrical parts of high quality from Schneider, give a reliable system and performance.

Main Technical Parameter





Max. format(W×L)

1300×1300 mm(51"×51")

1480×1300 mm(58"×51")

1650x1650 (64"x64")

Min. format(W×L)


Max. sheet Thickness


Max. Speed

130m/min (10000 sheets/hr)

Top Sheet


Bottom Sheet

A, B, C, E, F flute and double flute

Lamination Tolerance

±1.5 mm

Power Consumption

30 Kw

32 Kw