fully automatic die cutting machine with full stripping

fully automatic die cutting machine with full stripping

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Fully automatic die cutting machine with full stripping

We are providing Fully Automatic Die Cutting Machines with Full Stripping, which are applied to the die-cutting of modern colored boxed made with papers. Espousing advanced technology and worldwide famous brands fittings, these machines are of high efficiency and save the labor and energy costs. The high speed feeder integrated in these machines are made with lightweight aluminum alloys with an anode tending on the surface. The forward, backward, high and low positions of these Fully Automatic Die Cutting Machines with Full Stripping can be attuned according to the banal for ceaseless feeding of thin papers.

Details of machines' quality

  • Come with pure & latest Italy import Cassette feeders so as to insure feeding stability of the machines and their durability.
  • Specialized Vector “zero point” feeding to be high exactitude ±0.05 mm

Die Cutting Section

  • The die cutting section is operated by the touch screens to ensure the working efficiency and simple operations of the machines.
  • The Center line systems cut down time of die installation.
  • The heavy duty die plates ensure the long usages of the machines and reduce the cost of production. The die plate thickness is 2mm and can easily replace the side by side orders and save the time.
  • Air cushion are provided underneath the die plates for the easy sliding.
  • Pneumatic lock system is provided for die chase frames and to handle the plates. The fastness locks give 100% safety.
  • Die moving platform selects gears and worms with entire sealing lubrication system so as to ensure the pressure scale and cleaning of oil system.
Stripping Section

  • Adopt 2 frames (male and female). Enclosed with stripping plate system, which is perfect for the thickness of corrugated sheets.
  • The Center line system ensures the accelerated set up and are modified over stripping plates so as to be increase the working efficiency. The devices can also be installed with the stripping plates located outside.
  • One button is for motorized upper stripping framing, which changes the operation space by enhancing it and make the fixing of stripping plates quite easy.
  • The gripper bar register blocks located at the outlets of stripping station secures the quality and accuracy of stripping.
  • Full stripping is available with or without the lead edges. The waste stripping is exchangeable by one button without any change in the tools. Ensuring the safe operation, the section is completely user friendly.
  • Second stripping devices can be removed by front edge wastes and move it in the outsides, by using conveyor belts.

Delivery Section
  • Select non-stop auto-loading delivery system with safety photo-electric devices to ensure the paper delivery in good command and expedient paper pile transfers.
  • The motorized top frames and suspending hoisters are integrated.
  • Counters can set supported on the products mound requests, which will amend the working efficiency.
  • Big air cylinders are provided to the ensure the fork lifts powerfully and quickly.
  • Spring loaded adaptable chain stresses for maintaining the invariant tension, that leads to reduce the stress on chains and produce fine-textured gripper bar moves.


Max.sheet Size


Min.sheet Size


Max.Die-Cutting Size


Max.Mechanical Speed

5500s/h (depend on die and sheet’s conditions)

Min.gripper waste


cutting rule height:


die cutting precision:

± 0.5mm

electrical Power

380V.50HZ, 3-Phase

Max.Die-Cutting Pressure


Gross Weight


pressure adjusting range:

± 1.5mm

stock range

E.B.C.A and AB flute corrugated board ≤ 9mm

Inner chase size



11200x5560x2550mm( include working platform)  

Power & Air Infomation

Total power required


Main motor power


Air compressor

 1.05 m3/min