Friction Welding Machines

Friction Welding Machines

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Friction welding machines

The Friction Welding Machines are the types of modern welding machines, which are controlled by servo motors and have an improved productivity with decreased electricity and labor cost. Used for welding between same or different metal pieces with high efficiency, these machines have revolutionized the manner of friction welding technology. Made with latest electrical and mechanical advancements these Friction Welding Machines come with CNC technology. The machines are appropriate for numerous of industrial applications such as oil drill pipe welding, rock drill pipe welding etc.


  • Steel, copper, aluminum, etc are used for the fabrication of metallic parts.
  • Also appropriate for flange bushing, give the function of welding and bushing together. The size of the machines depends on the sizes of the bushing to be finished.
  • Before the procedure in reforming machines, the welding marks should be abstracted by the lathes.