Double Facer Corrugation Machine

Double Facer Corrugation Machine

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Double Facer Corrugation Machine

The Double Facer Corrugation Machineare credibly the longest subdivision of the corrugators. In this sphere, the conjugated single-faced folded board webs and the outermost paper webs are integrated and affixed together. After this procedure they are dried by feeding with the use of steam-heated load system. Especially in the corrugation section, the elements such as chains, cylinder bearings, guides etc. are dependent to high loads. Working even in the  humidity, highly ambient temperatures these Double Facer Corrugation Machine efficiently accept the paper pollution challenge.


  • Meet all the challenging demands with maximum performance
  • Reliability of machine parts.
  • Superior wear covering and high load carrying capability.
  • Utilized for the application of chain drives.


  • These have designed speed of :100m-200m/min
  • The accessible width is :1400mm-2500mm
  • Earthed surface for the hot plates.
  • Dense press rolls are implemented, press plates are elective, motorized lifting or lowering,  lowering system or hydraulic lifting is obligatory.
  • Inherently pressings accordant to the number of plies.
  • Hand-operated deviation-correcting devices are outfitted for the lower cotton belts. The upper cotton belts are accoutered with auto-loading or manual divergence-correcting devices, pneumatic tension device.
  • Dense suspended press rolls are integrated to the cool system, half seal drivings or oil-immersed seals.
  • Rubber cloaked drive rolls have longer usages of the cotton belts.