Diesel Pump

Diesel Pump

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We are offering a vast range of electronically controlled Diesel Pumps, which have a complete contrasting injection method in comparison with customary fuel injection pumps. These come with an electronic control system of different sensors, which detect the running status of the engine and direct signals to the ECU (Engine control unit). Used in the construction machinery the bodies of the Diesel Pumps are equipped with fuel pressure/feed performances and injection measure control mechanisms, motivated by camshafts. Available at competitive prices these pumps come with distributors, which are planned to distribute the pressurized in accordance with the order of the injection.


  • The actuators provided in the pumps control the injection quantity and timings, in accordance with signals.
  • Driven by the engine and bring forth the high-pressure fuel.
  • Automatically controlled injection pumps.
  • Operation at high speeds.