Cassette Facer

Cassette Facer

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The electricity driven Cassette Facer with automatic mechanism is used for the production of single face corrugated paperboard. It uses metal as its packaging material and its weight is 12 tons. Its corrugated roller is made of standard grade tungsten carbide and its working speed is 180-300m per minute. Its roll can be changed within 5-10 minutes. Its utilization can be noticed in beverage, pharmaceutical, food processing , textile and chemical processing industries. We are counted as a distinguished  manufacturer, supplier and exporter of excellent quality Cassette Single Facer.


  • Equipped with a number of corrugated rollers (A, B, C, E) etc.
  • Its corrugated roller located under its pressure roller s useful for decreasing canter of gravity and to lower vibration during its operation. This entire process helps in hassle free functioning of this machine. The location of its corrugated roller is advantageous for its quick change and ensures safety of its operator.
  • This machine uses high temperature greases for the lubrication of its pressure roller and corrugated roller. The unique lubricating system of this machine helps to avert leakage of oil or carbon production that results in damage of its bearing parts.
  • Its pressure roller, corrugated roller and gluing roller uses pneumatic controlling mechanism and the pressure balance of these rollers is maintained in a slow manner. The roller gap of each of its roller is adjusted by controlled pressure that helps to reduce excessive temperature and vibration of its AC motor.
  • Its roller can be changed within 10 minutes. Electro motion trolley is used to change and transport its corrugated roller part.
  • Its suction type corrugated roller helps to improve smoothness of produced cardboard
  • Its movable gluing section uses separate transmission system for its trouble free cleaning and maintenance purpose
  • Its outlet and inlet steam is discharged by its connect plate and its connection is regulated in pneumatic manner
  • Its pressure roller, gluing section and corrugated roller are controlled by its pneumatic system


Design speed


Working width


Corrugated roller diameter

320mm*1700mm , material is 48CRMO alloy steel, surface do grinding treatment

Pressure roller


Gluing roller


Doctor roller


Pre-heater roller


Steam fast change

fast insert type convert steam, convenience and flexible

Main motor


Gluing part driven motor


Gluing area motor

200w 2sets Taiwan brand

Main electrical adopt