Automatic Solventless Film Laminator

Automatic Solventless Film Laminator

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The standard grade Automatic Solventless Film Laminator machine acts as a good substitute of water based lamination equipment for its energy efficient operation. Known for its 80~100 meter speed per minute, this machine is certified as environment friendly green protection lamination equipment. Apart from its low operation cost, this machine is preferred for it low adhesive consumption process, high production capacity, low film waste rate and sturdy construction. As a growth oriented manufacturer, supplier and exporter, we are offering premium quality Automatic Solventless Film Laminator.


  • Specially developed for lamination of cardboard sheets and laminating paper by using adhesive sans any solvent
  • Advised to use solvent free adhesive
  • Utilization of Henkel PU adhesive
  • It enables lamination under normal temperature without heating. Thus, this machine helps to save energy.

The suggested adhesive dosage is 2-3g per m2.
Business Terms :
Payment: 30% in advance made by T/T at sight, and the balance to be made by T/T at sight before shipment.
Shipment: within 60 months
Installation:  The vendor will send engineer for the installation and operational guide of this machine and the buyer need to pay for the hotel accommodation, food and flight ticket etc.                                          
Warranty: one year.
The SL-1020PUR model of automatic film laminating machine is designed with

  • Sheet feeder of Mabeg brand
  • Sheet alignment system with double sheet cleaning facility
  • Laminating unit that consists of coating section, film unrolling part, sheet evaporator and laminating calender
  • PU adhesive supplying section which is equipped with 200l drum
  • Mirus sheet stacker that consists of blow down system for sheet end
  • Data registering facility for its electronic controlling
  • Touch panel operated function
  • Five rollers for adhesive distribution purpose
  • Air compressor


  • This section contains 3160mm feeder
  • It is attached to laminated unit electrically
  • The sheets are extended before feeding
  • This machine has necessary facility for controlling missed sheets
  • Its pump functions sans consuming oil


  • Total length of this section is 3700 mm
  • Sheet alignment
  • The underlapping function of this machine can be modified as per needs
  • This machine is acknowledged for its ±  1,0 mm accurate alignment
  • Its overlapping range is 0 - 30 mm
  • It is equipped with filter and suction fan
  • Cleaning calender
  • The calendering unit is attached to its laminating unit by joint drive. This section comprises of hard rubber coated counter pressure roller and calendering roller with chrome plated finishing. These rollers are enclosed by a thick frame.
  • Its counter pressure roller is used to adjust papers and heavy cardboard
  • A doctor blade is used to clean the calendering roller and its pressure is modified pneumatically by using a pressure gauge.


  • Length  730 mm
  • Adhesive coating unit
  • This unit consists of 5 rollers of which one is rubber coated and three are hard chrome plated.
  • This section is capable of controlling tension automatically and can shift the coating unit during off-position in a self regulated manner.
  • Electronically regulated metering roller, tear controlling part and film guide
  • Automatic adhesive feeding, heating and dosing system
  • Adhesive pumping section for its drum                                      
  • Adhesive distribution system with easy interchangeable distributing rollers
  • The application and dosing rollers with necessary heating facility enable this machine to function at temperature of up to 90° C and to cool the rollers for their cleaning. This machine allows to use  2 - 5 g/m2 glue at 70 - 90° C processing temperature. The side of its wedges can be adjusted by scrapers in order to distribute glue as per film width.
  • It is wrapped by an aspiration hood which is connected with tube and extraction fan.

Film laminating roller

  • It comprises of chrome plated steel roller and this can be heated. Apart from that, it is equipped with a rubber counter pressure roller. The pressure of its laminating calender can be modified up to 300 kp (or 150 kp each side).
  • Sheet separator
  • This section is instrumental in maintaining proper position of paper and board after completion of lamination and in separation of film prior to curing. The dividing of film is performed by using a heatable knife with programmable function. The repetition of this separation process is performed at < ± 1 mm tolerance level.
  • At the time of non-separation, the speed of this machine reduces automatically right after the second sheet and shows error message. In case no action is adopted, this machine ceases its operation during the third sheet.


  • Length  3495 mm
  • During blockage caused by sheet, the machine stops its operation automatically                                  
  • This section also consists of sheet brake and sheet profiling.


  • This equipment is designed with a programmable surveying system and a test value section. Its surveying sensors are instrumental in detecting malfunction for its trouble free operation.
  • The starting of this machine depends on factors like sheet dimension which is provided to its feeder, separator knife and alignment unit.
  • After completion of all its procedures, this equipment starts functioning and monitors the entire working through its sensors.
  • At the time of any irregularities of this machine, it either minimizes its operation speed or ceases functioning so that the last sheet can pause in its laminating section and the prepared film is sans of glue.
  • The operator of this machine removes faulty sheet and after getting confirmation from the operator, the machine starts its operation again.
  • In order to ensure its smooth operation, the presence of double sheets, unseparated sheets, faulty sheets and last sheet from stacker are checked.


  • Its graphic diagram function follows page by page style indication system. It also consists of color signal sending facility for denoting real condition of unit.
  • Controls machine installation and start up functions.
  • We provide guidance of specialist team to ensure its necessary electrical connectivity, assembling of its parts and hassle free start up function.
  • Guarantee
  • The line output and lamination quality depends on the below mentioned factors
  • Running position, thickness and quality of the sheet
  • Moisture level of sheet and temperature range of weather                                            
  • Glue type and its temperature level
  • Quality, type and powder quantity of printing ink            

Operating side

  • We suggest to operate its feeder by left hand                                    
  • Max. surrounded temperature
  • (In case of higher temperature additional measures for cooling have to be taken.)
  • Voltage
  • 380v 50 Hz 3Ph (voltage variation of +/- 10% permitted. )
  • Running video: as attached

Technical data

Max. sheet size

L 1200 x W  1020 mm

Min. sheet size

L 450 x W 350 mm

Sheet weight

100 - 600 g/m2

Installed power

55 KVA

Power consumption

(average value at 400 V, 50 / 60 Hz) 20 –25KVA

Film thickness

0.01– 0.05 mm

Max. film width

1020 mm

Max. film roll diameter

350 mm

Film roll core

3“ (on demand 6“)

Type of adhesive

Solventfree PUR

Coating weight

2,0 - 5,0 g/m2

Average coating weight

2,5 - 4,0 g/m2

Working speed approx

10 - 80m/min.

Working height


Stack height with standard pallet

950 mm

Max. stack weight

1000 kg

Viscosity of adhesive approx.

1500 ± 200 MPas at 80°C