Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine

Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine

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Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine

The S600 model of Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine is the perfect equipment for producing superior grade durable box. This ergonomically designed machine has high performance level. It is equipped with feeding section, corner pasting unit, gluing section, positioning part and wrapping part. This machine is appreciated for its easy operating system, durable body, convenient installation technique, long working life and rigid body. With firm commitment to quality, we have emerged as a successful manufacturer, supplier and exporter of excellent quality Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine.

  • The offered equipment is ergonomically developed
  • It helps to lower labor cost and raises production rate
  • Automatic operation
  • Easy to operate
The offered machine is designed with state of the art programmable logic controller, hydraulic pneumatic deviation rectifying system, photoelectric tracking unit and touch screen operated human machine interface with English and Chinese operating panel. All these sections have contributed to its paper and cardboard delivery in self regulated manner, pasting of four corners of paper, applying adhesive on paper, automatic transferring, maintaining correct position, pressing, drawing of box automatically, catching, covering and all other stages without any difficulty. Moreover, this machine has high working speed.

Its pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic systems ensure its smooth automatic operation. High output level and innovative design of produced paper box are the unique attributes of this equipment. This machine boasts of having 30 times better production capacity than its other counterparts with traditional design. This machine is required for producing boxes for packing jewelry, shirt, shoes, gift, jewelry and other items.

Feeder Part : Its feeder part has a key role in automatic delivery of cardboard and paper. This section uses single sheet of paper.

Gluing Part : This machine is capable of heating, distributing, agitating and controlling required viscosity of adhesive sans any error. All these steps are executed by this machine automatically. After completion of adhesive application process, it can wash its gluing roller automatically.

Control Panel: Its user friendly control panel is operated by touch screen. The advanced human machine interface helps to utilize English and Chinese languages to simplify its operation.

Positioning Part : The photoelectric detecting section and hydraulic pneumatic positioning component of this machine helps to maintain proper position of corner pasted cardboard box and paper.

PLC Part: The state of the art programmable logic controller of this equipment controls the mechanism of this equipment without any error.

Corner Sticking Part: This specific part automatically helps to enfold the cardboard and pastes all the four corners of the cardboard by using hot melt glue prior to dispatching it in its preferred destination.

Pressing Part: It uses square pressing mold for pressing the box when this box enters into its pressing part. Air bubbles found between cover paper and cardboard are discharged during pressing work in order to ensure uniform box surface.

Wrapping Part: Its wrapping section, box feeding and covering are executed.

  • The minimum and maximum size of cover is determined as per the size and quality of cover paper.
  • The output level of this machine is determined by factors like, operator's competency, quality of used raw materials and adhesive.